The Wine Connection

Sell Us Your Wine!

We are always in the market for properly cellared and cared for wine. We are interested mainly in Italian wines, especially Piemonte (Barolo and Barbaresco), Bordeaux, Burgundy, and California.

Of particular interest, from Italy, are wines from Produttori del Barbaresco, Giacomo Conterno, Bartolo Mascarello, Gaja, Marcarini, Giuseppe Mascarello, Cappellano, Cantalupo, Vallana, Prunotto, Sassicaia, various Brunelli producers and super-Tuscans.

The Process is Simple!

For us to make an offer, we need some details about your bottles: wine name, with vineyard designations (if applicable) vintage and any other detail (such as condition, ie: labels, fill levels), number of bottles and size (750ml, magnum/1.5l, Double Magnum/3l, etc).

After the list is received, we will determine value in today’s market based on information in Wine Market Journal. This is usually about 75% of the auction recent gross (buyer’s final price) reported in this periodical. Since auction houses generally pay sellers 69-75% of this gross figure, less shipping and in some cases appraisal, usually pay about 10-16 weeks after receiving the wine, and charge for unsold lots and storage fees, this is on the high end of what you’d expect to net.

Any agreed price is subject to review once the wine is in house and inspected. The preferable format for the list is excel, but you can also send it as a Word document or simple text in the body of an email. Send your list to:

We will send you shipping boxes if needed, at our cost, and the wine will be shipped back to us at your cost. Once inspected, and a final price agreed upon, we will have a purchase agreement and we will issue a check for the agreed-upon value, within about 10 business days of receipt of your wine. This works out to be at or above what you would have received from a big auction house if your wine had sold at the average historic price, but you get paid up to 15 weeks sooner! And you take no risk of a bad auction result. If local, we will of course inspect the wine on site and take care of any logistics, such as packing, inventorying and pick up.