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Wine Cellar for Beginners – A Smart Approach

Let’s face it, wine (or I should say: selecting wine) can be fairly intimidating, especially when one decides to start “collecting”, or filling a wine cellar. Wine, and pairing it with food, truly is one of the great pleasures in life. Opening your wine cellar door, or heading down to the “cave” to select that bottle, that has been laid there, for the wine to develop into something special, is always an exciting moment. Unfortunately, most novice “collectors” start with the disarming thought that great wine is expensive, and only expensive wine is worthy of a cellar/collection. WRONG!

Today, there are so many great wines produced in the most famous viticultural areas, and values truly abound. The pleasure, the fun, is also in discovering those gems, those hidden treasures. Many of the wines we regard so highly today and costs hundreds of dollars per bottle, were once snubbed and ignored. Don’t follow trends, but carve your own path to a wonderful collection of wines. Many of them can age beautifully and give pleasure over 20 or 30 years, and only cost between $25-40 per bottle. The notion that only expensive Burgundy or Bordeaux, with big names (and price tags), are worthy of a collection that is built to provide pleasure and wonderful memories, is downright faulty.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way: you are not starting a collection/filling a wine cellar, with speculation in mind. If that is what you’re looking to do, stop reading this and venture somewhere else. Some wines do appreciate in value over time, but starting to buy with that agenda is a recipe for disaster, unless you have money to waste. If you do have money to waste, you are better off playing in the stock market. At least you don’t have to worry about storing properly, paying insurance or storage fees, etc. If some of the wines you buy today do appreciate in value 20-30 years down the road, and for some reason you need to sell, that is okay. Just don’t go into this and buy wine for that purpose. This section is about helping you build a wonderful collection of wine that you can enjoy over the near, mid and long term WITHOUT spending a small fortune or walk the commonly beaten paths.

With my expert guidance, you can select absolutely wonderful wines that will reward immensely with the passage of time, and will certainly enhance the food you will put on your table. After all, this is what wine is all about.

Here is an interesting article that, interestingly enough, just came out a few days ago: How to Start a Wine Collection in 2016—and Why You Should

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