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Customer Service

As shipping wine is complicated, we are constantly trying to update our shipping capabilities. If you have specific questions about shipping, please contact as at or call 914-764-9463.

Title and Ownership

Title to, and ownership of all wine passes from The Wine Connection to the purchaser in the state of New York and the purchaser takes all responsibility for the import of the package from New York to his/her home state. Since we own all of our inventory and therefore arrange for transportation of the wine, The Wine Connection is providing a service to, and acting on behalf of the purchaser. By utilizing this service from The Wine Connection, the purchaser is representing that he/she is acting in a fashion compliant with his/her local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation, and delivery of wine. By placing an order with The Wine Connection, purchaser authorizes The Wine Connection to act on buyer’s behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver buyer’s order. The purchaser represents that he/she has obtained all required permissions, paid all required fees, is working through a properly licensed intermediary, is legally entitled to take possession of wine, is legally entitled to take quantities ordered, and authorizes that he/she is 21 years of age. The Wine Connection makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import alcoholic beverages into any state outside of New York.

Age Restrictions

You must be 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages from this site. Upon finalizing your sale over the web, you are certifying that you are of legal drinking age. In many states, falsifying this information is a crime.

All phone orders must certify that they are and whoever is signing for the receipt of the order is 21 yrs. of age. Falsifying any information via phone is a CRIME under the penalty of perjury.


Cancellation of orders by customers or by us due to customer payment default will result in a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions. ANY ORDER GOING UNPAID BEYOND 45 DAYS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CANCELLED, WITH WINE GOING BACK TO OPEN STOCK AND RE-SOLD. NO FURTHER NOTICE TO CUSTOMER WILL BE SENT.If you would like to return all or part of your order, give us a call at 914-764-9463 or e- mail us at . We will do anything possible to make your wine buying experience as trouble-free as possible.

Delivery/Shipping to Storage Facilities – Very Important
It has become quite a common practice for clients to have wine delivered to storage facilities around the country. Most of the time the wine is never inspected by customers upon arrival or by personnel at the storage facility.

We take the utmost care in delivering/shipping wine that has been properly stored and in impeccable condition. Every case of wine that is to be packed in styro-foam containers is checked carefully and every problem duly reported to clients before shipping. Having said that, many original wooden cases are never opened because in this new era of speculators and over-paranoid customers that in the end never plan to drink the wines, an unopened wooden box has more value. Because of that, in the event of a problem occurring or being discovered months/year later after delivery to an offsite storage, we decline EVERY responsibility and no credit or exchanges will be issued. In short, it is YOUR responsibility to check goods upon arrival or instruct someone at your storage facility to check wines on your behalf. We cannot vouch for an outside storage facility temperature, handling, or any course of conduct after the wine is received and therefore we can only accept any recourse within one week of delivery. Please DO NOT come back to us weeks/months/years later and complain about a nick on a label, dampness stains, leaks, or any other issue. PLEASE NOTE: ALL WINE IS SOLD AS IS. Returns: we will categorically not accept returns on wines that are older than five years from date of purchase. All returns will be handled appropriately if an issue arises upon receipt of shipment. No refunds will be issued or returns accepted if a bottle is open years after receiving shipment and the wine deemed to be undrinkable or not satisfactory for any reason. We are not responsible for how wine is stored or aged once it leaves our facilities.

Minimum Purchases
No minimum order for all internet purchases.

All wines advertised on our website are offered at already discounted prices and are not subject to further discount, unless otherwise noted.

Conditions of wines and provenance
Every bottle we buy, whether from private collections or ex-domaine/chateau, is guaranteed to be in outstanding condition. We inspect our purchases carefully and we never offer bottles of dubious provenance.

Terms and Conditions
By ordering, the customer is assumed to have read and fully understood all provisions, terms, and conditions herein. Please scroll down the entire page to read all the Terms. Please email us at with any questions or concerns before ordering.

‘Hold For Future Shipment’ and ‘Pre-arrival / Futures’ orders must meet a six bottle minimum per order. The Wine Connection LTD may refuse any order not meeting these minimums.

In-store pickups, especially on weekends, require a minimum of 48-hours notice. Sunday pickups will only be fulfilled if called 48-hours in advance, no exceptions!

We cannot control the weather. We are unable to replace bottles damaged by the weather, so be certain of conditions before deciding to have it shipped. If you do decide to have your wine shipped during extreme weather temperatures, you do so at your own risk. We are also not responsible for UPS or Fedex misconduct when delivering packages. If a package is late or left outside in cold/hot weather, The Wine Connection will not be responsible for any damages. If you accept to have your packages delivered in hot or cold weather, you do so at your own risk. Make sure you are there to sign for your packages or are aware of their arrival. We will not replace cooked or frozen wine.We will hold wines, free of charge, until weather is acceptable for shipping.

1) All prices are net, subject to stock, on 750ml bottles unless otherwise indicated. All orders are subject to our acceptance and we may refuse any order at our discretion. Sparkling wines weigh more, and as such, a small shipping surcharge may be added to your order.

2) Although it rarely happens, we have to state that prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors.

3) All information, documents, images, and HTML formatting are copyrighted and may not be reused or copied without permission. We fully pursue those unscrupulous individuals who lack creativity and use our proprietary information for their purposes.

4) Wines may be sold only to persons at least 21 years of age. By placing an order, you are warranting to us that you are 21 years of age. Any order placed by someone under 21 constitutes fraud.

5) Wines may be delivered only to persons at least 21 years of age. Our shippers will require a signature of someone at least 21 years of age at the time of delivery. Positive ID may be required. If the wine is returned to us for failure to provide positive proof of age, the customer is responsible for paying the return shipping charges.

6) All wine is sold in New York , and title passes to the buyer in New York . We make no representation relative to your right to import wines into your state or county. The customer, by placing an order, warrants to us that he/she is aware of and in compliance with the laws governing said shipment into his/her area. All orders shipped outside of NY are not subject to NY state sales tax. ALL ORDERS PICKED UP AT OUR LOCATION ARE SUBJECT TO SALES TAX-NO EXCEPTIONS! If The Wine Connection failed to add sales taxes when the order was placed, The Wine Connection Ltd reserves the right to correct and collect any sales taxes due.

7) Customer is solely responsible for shipment of wines. Unless you instruct us otherwise, you agree that we shall arrange, on your behalf and responsibility, shipment with a common carrier to make the delivery. We reserve the right to determine the propriety of shipping instructions and may refuse to ship if we deem it inappropriate or unsafe. If shipment is returned for any reason other than The Wine Connection’s error, the customer must pay any additional shipping required.

8) All completed orders will be shipped as soon as practicable using the Air or Ground option you selected. The Wine Connection Ltd cannot be held responsible if you change your mind after ordering or choose a shipping option in error.

9) The Wine Connection assumes no liability for wine damaged due to poor weather during transport. This can include leakage, freezing, or corks pushing out of the neck. We do check the weather frequently during the hot and cold months and use our best discretion. If you decide to have your wines shipped when we suggest not to, you do so at your own risk.

10) If your area is experiencing extreme weather conditions, The Wine Connection will “hold” wines for future shipment. The Wine Connection will hold wines for your convenience only up to two weeks if unrelated to weather conditions. If “held” wines are damaged due to an Act of God, The Wine Connection Ltd cannot be held responsible. If “held” orders are not shipped within six months of purchase, we may assess additional storage fees in any amount or sell the items solely at our discretion, and our liability in such cases is limited to the original transaction price.

11) For “hold” and “pickup in-store” orders, we require a 6 bottle minimum purchase per order. For “pre-arrival” orders, The Wine Connection Ltd requires 6 bottles minimum per item, and/or 6 bottles total per order.

12) On older vintages, we make every effort to secure wines that are in top condition, and we never accept questionable goods. For wines that are five years old or older, it is the industry standard and the policy of The Wine Connection that such wines are purchased at the buyer’s risk in case of a problem. No exchanges or refunds for wines that are five years or older.

13) “Pickup in-store” orders must be picked up by the customer (or agent) within 6 weeks of the date of the order. After 6 weeks The Wine Connection LTD may assess storage fees and may cancel the order at its discretion. Our liability in such cases is limited to the original transaction price. “Pickup in Store” purchases are subject to a six bottle minimum per order, and The Wine Connection LTD may refuse any order not meeting this minimum.

14) Shipping charges for future/ pre-arrival items will be added to your order at checkout time.

15) If you require delivery by a specific date, please use the “Special Instructions” field to let us know so we can meet your needs.

16) The Wine Connection Ltd requires that each order contain the correct billing address for the credit card used. If we are unable to verify the billing address information you provided, then The Wine Connection Ltd will be UNABLE to accept your order and shall have no liability regarding your ability to obtain a particular item.

17) Long Term Storage – Very Important! We do not run a storage facility/business! We do offer complimentary storage to clients for up to six months (or one year under special conditions and prior approval) until weather is acceptable for shipping. Any agreement for longer term storage would have to be approved in writing and all wine will be stored at an outside facility at the customer’s choice and expense. In the event of goods left in storage for longer than three years and there is no contact with clients, and no attempt is made to pick up, ship or deliver wine, goods will fall into statute of limitations and will be re- sold to cover storage and insurance costs. No refunds or exchanges will be issued and we are not obligated to replace goods after they have been left unspoken for three years or longer and/or after repeated attempts to contact the customer.

Counterfeit Bottles The problem with counterfeit bottles of wine is unfortunately real. When it comes to older wines, we do our due diligence and inspect bottles very carefully before buying and selling. We do not deal with dubious sources and we do our best to ensure traceability. Having said that, we are not experts in determining what constitutes a “fake” and we do not know anyone who truly is an expert in the matter. Because of this, we suggest you do your due diligence before buying any older and rare bottles and you assume full responsibility for inspection prior to purchase. After inspection and purchase, if the bottles are for some reason unsatisfactory, we can only take returns and issue refunds within six weeks from purchase. Any claim beyond that time frame will not be entertained.

The Wine Connection assumes no liability for wine damaged due to poor weather during transport. This can include leakage or corks pushing out of the neck as well as “frozen wine pops”. We will use our best judgment when initiate shipping but if you choose to have your wines shipped, when we suggest not to, you do so at your own risk.

Thanks for reading these conditions, and thanks for visiting. Enjoy our products responsibly and in moderation. Please, don’t drink and drive!

Thank-you, The Wine Connection