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About Wine

About Wine
Wine changes in the bottle, markets are ever changing, and your taste may also change from time to time. It is with passion and dedication that we keep up with constant variables in the wine world to be able to offer our valued clients the greatest wines from around the world.
When The Wine Connection opened its doors in 1993, we were pioneers of ideal wine storage and we have stressed that notion ever since. After working in NY stores (will not mention names), and witnessing piles of great wines cooking in 90 degree basements, I vowed never to let that happen here. The store is always kept at 62 degrees and our warehouse is at a constant 52 degrees. Our motto has always been… “if you can’t store wine correctly, you should not be in this business”.
We have advised hundreds of collectors and enthusiasts over the years, whether buying wine as an investment or for pure enjoyment. If you are interested in building your “dream collection” or simply stocking up a small area in your basement or kitchen, give us a call and we will help you select what makes sense for both your short and long term enjoyment.
We buy private collections…
If you are interested in selling your collection, please let us know and send us your cellar list via email or fax.

A Toast To You,
Max Marinucci