The Wine Connection

About Us

The Wine Connection tasting room
The Wine Connection opened its doors in August of 1993.
Since then, much has changed in the wine world but, our mission and commitment have remained the same: to share with our clients, whether casual drinkers or seasoned collectors, our knowledge of the market along with the best wines in every price range.
As you will find out, we are not your “typical” wine merchant.
Armed with love, passion and knowledge, we’ve always stayed clear of mass-produced, over-priced, low quality wines, specifically those in the $10 to $30 range. We work hard to find amazing wines that offer true value for your money in addition to offering the rarest and the greatest
Twenty-two years ago, when the internet was still in its early infancy and “email” was not in anyone’s vocabulary, we pioneered direct offers of fine wines and customized service for our clients. When the idea of wine storage was a hot basement or back room, we had temperature controlled environment throughout our showroom and storage areas. Today, with eCommerce taking center stage, almost everyone can turn into an instant wine expert/broker, with little or no inventory, questionable knowledge, and a computer. The market is saturated with characters of every sort. Fortunately, the tide is turning once again and collectors/consumers want to see brick and mortar places with a knowledgeable sales force and bottles you can actually see and touch before buying.

Every client is important to us. We are always proud to find and offer wines that represent great values from anywhere in the world and also have helped many clients build multi-million dollars collections over the years. If you are serious about collecting for pleasure, or investment purposes, our expert advice will guide you through it.We do buy private collections. We offer a 15% consignment fee and also buy outright. If interested, please email or fax us your cellar list.

We are not a brokerage house!. It means that we do not offer wine that we do not own. We do not put out endless lists of wines belonging to other brokers and then search the world once a client places an order. Some merchants out there are making this a common practice. Buyers beware! They will collect your money and, on many occasions, never deliver. We do buy overseas occasionally, through reputable US distributors and there is a transit time involved when we do, usually four to six weeks.

A word about storage: Having worked for prominent wine merchants back in the early nineties, I was appalled at the storage conditions at these sites where so many great wines were stored in hot basements.

At The Wine Connection, our showroom is always kept at 62-64 degrees and the on-premise 1800 sq feet cellar is at a constant 52 degrees. If you are serious about wine, anything less is not acceptable.