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BBB..Burgundy, Bordeaux and Bubbles! – With Whitney Schubert of Polaner Selections!

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Welcome back the amazing Whitney Schubert, French portfolio manager extraordinaire at Polaner Selections, with Chris Gambelli, guiding us through an amazing selection of wines!

We’ll be pouring some quite superb Burgundies, Bordeaux, Champagne, and even a sprinkle of great Cru Beaujolais!

This is our first tasting event of 2019, and we’re kicking the new year in style.

Don’t miss it! Our friends and partners in taste at Plum Plums Cheese are on vacation this month, but we will still have some wonderful cheeses to accompany the amazing wines!

See you this Saturday!


The Spring Rosenthal Event! – A Tasting Not To Be Missed!

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We welcome back our friend Clarke Boehling, one of Neal Rosenthal’s trusted wine experts, for another fabulous spring tasting!

Those who are familiar with Neal’s portfolio, know very well that there isn’t a dud in that book. When you see a bottle with a “Rosenthal Selection” label, you can be assured that you are buying a great wine, that has been transported correctly from its destination, to its resting point in New York.

We will make it a ton of fun, as always, and keep it a bit eclectic, with exciting new arrivals and seasonal favorites. Look for more details in our email blast!

The great wines are, as always, complemented by the cheeses from our “Partners in Taste”, Michael and Gayle of Plum Plums Cheese! 

Don’t miss it!

Tasting This Saturday – Skurnik Wines – A Great Lineup of New Arrivals and Surprises!

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Get ready for another fabulous tasting here at The Wine Connection, with Skurnik Wines!

Peter from Skurnik Wines is back, presenting a fantastic array of new arrivals and a couple of blind surprises, for your enjoyment and wine education!

This Saturday, April 28th 2018, from 1:00pm until 5:00pm

Spring is firmly in the air, and it promises to be another glorious weekend!

We will kick off with a superb 2017 Provencal Rosé that will surely light up this season!

From loire master wine-maker Jacky Blot, from Domaine de la Taille aux Loups,you will get a chance to taste the incredible Montlouis Sec “Remus” 2016 (95 points Decanter Magazine).It is almost sold out from the private email offer, so this is your chance! Fabulous white for summer!

Cru Beaujolais Continue to Rock The World!

Don’t be late to this party! The great Crus of Beaujolais continue to be one of the hottest categories on the market, and for very valid reasons: incredible quality, easily comparable to great Burgundy, and unbeatable value. You be the judge here, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

FromDomaine des Marrans, the stratospherically good Morgon Courcelette 2016,and from legendary Michel Tete (Domaine du Fief), the 2016 Julienas. The 2016 vintage is as good as 2014, with amazing freshness, soil character (terroir) and balance of fruit and acid. Incredible wines!

Serio e Battista Borgogno Barolo Cannubi 2013

The Borgogno family has owned parcels in this venerable vineyards for generations. Very traditional, and from the great 2013 vintage, this is a great Cannubi that is also priced well. It’s a must buy for the cellar!

Antoniolo Gattinara 2010

Gattinara and alto Piemonte in general are seeing a resurgence in quality and popularity. As Barolo gets more expensive, it is an obvious evolution. You will experience what a great Gattinara from a great vintage tastes like, from one of the best producers in the area.

Domaine Arlaud Morey Saint Denis Les Ruchots 2015

Cyprien Arlaud continues its streak with the already legendary 2015 vintage. The Morey Saint Denis Les Ruchots is always one of his very best wines, and very limited. Experience greatness!

Last week’s “Blind Features” were a lot of fun and a great success!

We will continue this week with a couple of great “brown bag” specials!

As always, the tasting is free and open to everyone (over 21 of course), and your support is greatly appreciated.

And local and support your local businesses as much as you can.




Burgundy Seminar Tasting, With Whitney Schubert of Polaner Selection

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Join us on this Saturday for  a great Burgundy-focused event, with Polaner Selections! 

Whitney, (pictured right, with the famed Jancis Robinson on left) a veteran of the wine business, is the French Portfolio manager for Polaner Selections, and she will be here on this day to talk about and enjoy some amazing Burgundies from Polaner’s great portfolio. This is another amazing, and educational event that you don’t want to miss!

As always, these great and informative tastings are free, and complemented by the wonderful cheese selections from our “Partners in Taste” at Plum Plums Cheese. 

Shop local and support your business community!

Skurnik Wines – Another Fabulous Wine Event

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If you have missed Friday 13th afternoon tasting, here is another chance to let Peter Zitz guide you through a fabulous selection of new releases and arrivals from Skurnik Wines extensive and renowned wine portfolio. We will have a great array from Burgundy, Italy, Spain, California and more!

As always, the amazing wines will be complemented by the outstanding cheese selections from our partners in taste at Plum Plums Cheese!

Don’t miss it!

Amazing Double-Header, With David Bowler and Polaner Selections

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Two legendary importers, with two of the most amazing and exciting portfolios in the wine business! Welcome Matt Christoff and Chris Gambelli (David Bowler Wines and Polaner Selections) for another fantastic event at The Wine Connection. A fabulous selection will be poured, and of course complemented by the outstanding cheese offerings from our partners in taste at Plum Plums Cheese!

Loire Valley, Burgundy, Italy, Spain, will all be featured and you can be assured that we shall spare no expense in presenting you some truly special wines. Come and learn from Matt and Chris, while savoring great new releases and some old favorites. This is a tasting even that will surely not disappoint!

A Friday Afternoon Wine Event With Skurnik Wines

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Welcome back our friend and one of the very best palates in the biz, Peter Zitz from Skurnik Wines. This is a first for us, but many have asked for a Friday afternoon tasting, so here we go! Get a baby sitter, make dinner plans for afterwards, and enjoy some amazing wines complemented by the great cheese offerings of Plum Plums Cheese!

We will be featuring some amazing new releases from Burgundy (Domaine de L’Arlot, Domaine Arlaud, Michel Sarrazin), Piedmont with two spectacular wines from Vallana, great Taurasi from Molettieri, and so much more! The Skurnik events are, as always, some of the best ones every year, as the wines featured are just incredible in their respective categories.

Burgundy and Spain – With Peter Zitz of Skurnik Wines

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I am sure you’ve heard the buzz about 2015 Burgundy, and we will be presenting you with some amazing wines at this event. The reds from the region are spectacular from this vintage (and some very good whites as well) and values abound. We will show you how to select some amazing wines, without breaking the bank. This is a vintage and a tasting you don’t want to miss. We’ll also be checking out some great new releases from La Rioja Alta, CVNE, and some spectacular wines from Raul Perez among others. Of course, since ’tis the season, a couple of Rosé will be in the mix. If weather permits, we’ll bring this tasting outdoors this time. Party time!

The ultra-wonderful wine selections will be complemented by the even better cheeses from our friends Michael and Gayle of Plum Plums Cheese!



Final Grand Tasting of 2016 – Neil Rosenthal Selections

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Another year has gone by, and, even through a rocky economy and an even crazier election year, the many changes made at The Wine Connection back in September 2015 were exactly what the doctor ordered.
Bringing the greatest wine selection I can offer, from selected importers and distributors, tasting relentlessly through myriads of new and old wines, have generated a big surge in local business and rekindled the fire and passion that I have for wine, while connecting again with customers, old and new.
I would like to thank all my loyal customers and friends for their support and encouragement and a successful 2016! Could not have done it without you.

For this final in-store tasting of 2016, it is with the utmost pleasure that I present the wines selected and imported by of one of my very favorite people in the business: Neil Rosenthal. My relationship with Neil goes back now over 25 years, and even with ups downs, the constants, well, have remained constant. Neil’s relationship with his producers goes back decades, and it is one that is rarely dictated by the almighty dollar, but passion, integrity and loyalty.

Neil’s book is filled with some of the greatest names in the wine world, and producers that have remained true to terroir and nature: Jean Marie Fourrier, Hubert Lignier, Harmand Geoffroy, Paolo Bea, Cappellano, Ferrando, Thevenet, Brovia, Chateau Le Puy,Lucien Crochet, and so many others. For as much I have tried, I cannot ever find a dud in Neil’s portfolio, from the most amazing values, to the rarest. There are few “Rockstars” in the wine business, and Neil Rosenthal is certainly in the top three. A legend, for sure.

I invite you to peruse through the Rosenthal’s great website if you want to familiarize yourself with his producers and selection. Neil Rosenthal Selections

On this day, Saturday December 17th, I am welcoming my old friend, Clarke Boehling to present some of the great wines from Neil’s portfolio. Clarke is a former alumni of Skurnik Wines (like so many of the great wine people out there) and now in charge of travels to visit and liaisons with Rosenthal’s great producers. Clarke has, of course, a fantastic palate and knows wine like very few out there. You will learn a lot from him and have a ball!

We will have a great array of gems from Neil’s portfolio, including: Lucien Crochet (Loire), Domaine du Meix Foulot (Burgundy), Bitouzet-Prieure (Burgundy), Pradeaux (Bandol, Provence), Chateau Le Puy (Bordeaux), Domaine du Jaugaret (Bordeaux), F.lli Brovia (Piemonte), Monsecco (Piemonte), Fenouillet (Cotes de Ventoux), Paolo Bea (Umbria), Bois de Boursan (Rhone), Cave Caloz (Switzerland), Montevertine (Tuscany).

The amazing wine selections will of course, as always, complemented by a great array of fine cheeses from our partners in taste, Plum Plums Cheese


Remember to SHOP LOCAL! Support your communities, jobs, merchants!

The Big Skurnik Wines Tasting of The Season – Don’t Miss It!

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Come on over this Saturday October 29th, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, for the first Skurnik Wines tasting of the season, with my good friend Peter Zitz!

As you already know, Skurnik Wines is the proud distributor/importer for many of the great wine estates in the world. A portfolio that is truly unrivaled!

You know that every wine and every bottle poured will be nothing short of spectacular, from $20 to $100+

We will be pouring gems from around the world: Burgundy, Italy, Loire Valley, Rhone and more..and even some spirits!

Fabulous wines and of course complemented by fabulous cheeses from our partners in taste, Plum Plums Cheese!

This is a tasting you don’t want to miss!

Skurnik Wines